The Company Hispaloe

Hispaloe S.L. is an andalusian company dedicated to the sale of fresh leaf of freshly cut aloe (organically grown and of the best quality) and products made from aloe vera , which use this excellent ingredient in its composition. In this way, you can enjoy all the innumerable benefits, both for external and internal use, that this medicinal plant offers for health care.

We have a wide range of products , both food and cosmetic , made from aloe vera.

Healthy Diet

Introducing aloe as part of a healthy diet is one of our main objectives, since its use as food , of recognized properties, is not yet widespread. Aloe can be consumed in the form of juice, extracted directly from the leaf, or, as an ingredient, in many recipes. This is an exciting field to innovate and contribute, together, to improve our diet, not giving up the pleasure of enjoying tasty dishes of high gastronomic value.

Hispaloe! Products of aloe vera, source of health

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