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For the contractual effects derived from the on-line purchase, between Hispaloe S.L. and the client, the following general conditions are considered valid:


Hispaloe, S.L. undertakes to send the customer all the products that he has purchased online, through the official website of www.hispaloe.com, always if there is stock of the product purchased.

Hispaloe S.L. reserves the right to reduce the number of products manufactured at any time during its business activity. The charge to the customer’s account will be made prior to the shipment of the order.


For the purposes of the on-line sale, the contract between Hispaloe S.L. and the customer is considered formalized at the moment in which the customer receives a written confirmation from the company confirming the receipt of the order made by the customer. To execute an order the minimum value of the amount has to be € 20.00.


Hispaloe S.L. distributes only to Spain (Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands) and Portugal. The delivery of each order will be made by the courier company that in each case has been chosen by our company, taking into account the conditions of best price and delivery times. The average delivery times are approximately 1-4 days (within these periods will not count Saturdays, Sundays or national, regional or local holidays), taking into account the number of articles available, workload and logistics structure of the delivery company.

All shipments made by Hispaloe, S.L., have their origin in the province of Cordoba, within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Spain).

Shipping costs will be borne by the customer:

  • In orders of up to 2.00 kg the amount of the transport will be of 6,23 €.
  • In orders of up to 5.00 kg the amount of transport will be 7.56€.
  • In orders of up to 10.00 kg the amount of transport will be 8.89 €.
  • In orders of up to 15.00 kg the amount of transport will be 9.48 €.
  • In orders up to 20.00 kg the amount of transport will be 10.06 €.

For transport to any of the Spanish islands or to any other country of the European Union, or outside the European Economic Community, other transport costs than the above mentioned will be applied to you (please telephone for more information at: 00 34 957 811 355).

As a result of the changes that can be introduced by the transport companies in their planning or by an increase in their costs, Hispaloe, S.L. does not assume any responsibility regarding the expected delivery date for each order or the maintenance of the tariffs that have been reflected in previous paragraphs.

Payment in advance is required to send your order.

Hispaloe, S.L. will not be obliged to deliver the products chosen by the customer that he does not have in stock or that has withdrawn from its production line.

Once the products purchased by the customer are delivered to the transport company, this last one will be responsible for the delivery of the same in good condition, being exempt Hispaloe, S.L. of all responsibility on them.

Orders will not be served in PO Boxes.

Given that Hispaloe, S.L. manufactures some products in an artisan way, delivery times will not be applicable for this type of products once, requested by the customer, you have been informed of the lack of stock.

The customer may also request that the order, with the products purchased, can be delivered to a third person at the indicated address. You can request Hispaloe, S.L. to send a gift within the order a generic greeting card, adding, in this case, the cost of the card to the amount of the order and transportation costs.

The customer may also request a certain delivery time for the order sent to him by Hispaloe, S.l. In this case, if the courier company had established a rate for these cases, it will be included in the final price of the purchase.

The client must always provide Hispaloe, S.L. a contact number, which will be provided to the courier company for in case the client is not in the delivery address, through which the courier will contact the recipient.


Shipping costs for on-line purchases will be at the customer’s expense.

All prices included on the website are Public Sale Prices that include the corresponding VAT or tax that replaces it. Prices will be understood in euros.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer or cash back, cash in the current account of Hispaloe, S.L. 0237-6028-00-9167141328. The formula of payment against refund has an additional cost that will be established at any time by the courier company.

When paying the price of the products purchased, the customer agrees to pay the amount of the transport, which will be added to the total amount of the order.


The customer will be entitled to the return of the price of products that, previously paid by him, are not received at the designated address.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customer may also request that such products are sent to him, provided that Hispaloe, S.L. has stock of them, without any cost of transportation, when it could be deduced without doubt that the omission is the responsibility of this company.


Hispaloe, S.Lis the owner off all products until the customer makes the full payment of the order and the transport costs.


The client must notify Hispaloe, S.L. any lack or defect of the goods received. He is entitled to the return of the same product or to the reimbursement of its amount, provided that the defects were attributable to Hispaloe, S.L.


Any order may be returned by the customer without the obligation to state the reasons, within a period of 15 days from the date of delivery of the goods. In this case, the customer undertakes to return all products purchased properly packed and protected, without having opened the packages, being on account of the customer the amount of shipping and return shipping. The delivery must be made, after having communicated its decision (written) and reflecting the bank account number in which the return is to be made, at:

CIF .: B-14916126
Avda. República Argentina, 4
14005 Córdoba (Córdoba)
If the shipment returned by the customer was not in perfect condition, or any of the returned products were damaged, only the amount of the perfectly preserved products will be returned.


The client is aware and authorizes Hispaloe, S.L. that his personal data, necessary for the development of the order, is stored in durable data carriers.

The client explicitly accepts the processing and use of his personal data so that Hispaloe, S.L. can send offers and information about the products.

The client will have the right to rectify and cancel his consent for the use of his personal data, taking effect the communication that is send to Hispaloe, S.L. from the date of receipt.

2.1.10. PROVISO

In the case that one or more of the foregoing stipulations of the General Conditions are deemed to be invalid, in whole or in part, the remainder of these stipulations shall remain in full force and effect.

Any stipulation that is declared invalid must be replaced by another of similar content and fulfilled the purpose of the invalid stipulation.


The present general conditions will be interpreted according to the legislation in force in Spain.

The judges and courts of Cordoba will be competent to resolve the conflicts between Hispaloe, S.L. and the client.


The use of the Website implies the full acceptance of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by Hispaloe, S.L. from the moment the user accesses the Website.

Hispaloe, S.L. reserves the right to modify, without prior notification, the design and / or configuration of the website, as well as the quantity or characteristics of the products marketed and that can be acquired on-line, including adding new products or services.

You agree to make a proper use of the website, in accordance with the Law, the good customs and the present General Conditions of Use, or the Particular Conditions that are included.

You expressly refuse to use any information contained in this Website for illegal or expressly prohibited purposes in these General Conditions, which are contrary to the legislation in force or that may prejudice the rights or commercial interests of Hispaloe, SL, being solely responsible for legal or contractual breaches.

You will also be liable in the event that, in any way (including the introduction or dissemination of “computer virus”), you damage, make unusable, overload, impair or prevent the normal use of the information contained in the website, documents, files and contents stored (hacking), in the computer of Hispaloe, SL or any user of the Website.